Hi, I'm Sarasvati and Meditation is what has made the biggest difference to my life.

Learning to get out of my head, to see thoughts for what they are, and how to drop back from them, has made a huge difference in my life.

This 5-day challenge is a brief introduction and will set you up for a practice of ongoing meditation. I answer some commonly asked questions and give you some simple methods that you can use and benefit from right away.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this challenge. If it pokes your curiosity and you then want more, you can continue the journey further with me in a number of ways ... including my Yoga off the mat course, Fluff-free freedom.

I look forward to sharing the fabulous practice of meditation with you.

What people are saying about the 5-day Meditation challenge:

'I looked forward each day to taking time with a new meditation.'

'I have just completed day 5 and thank you so much for returning me to the joy of meditation.'

'Your meditation challenge has reminded me of how much calmer I feel with what’s going on around me and it has given me a nudge to become more committed to my practice.'

'Regrettably I dropped out from the practice, and have found this hopefully the start of a new journey.'


The challenge consists of 5 videos with information about and and instructions for meditation. There is a chat section where you can ask more questions or give your feedback.

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